Based in London since 2002, Ghassan Ibrahim has gained an international recognition as a British-Syrian journalist and media personality.

He has worked as a consultant and adviser for several international projects, producing and participating in research, consultancy and advocacy, concerning political strategies, extremism, media and economics in the Middle East, with strong emphasis on issues related to Syria, Turkey and Iran.

His extensive understanding of and network access in the region are among the reasons why his comprehensive knowledge is a trusted source of information about Syria and the MENA region.
His work provides an in-depth understanding of specific political, social and economic issues, including scenario analysis. He has helped politicians and business leaders to understand the problems, risks, challenges, solutions and opportunities in the Middle East. As a result, his knowledge has empowered the leaders to act with confidence when making strategic decisions.

He is the founder and CEO of the Global Arab Network, a news and information online platform, providing analysis and research about the Arab world in English and Arabic.
Before establishing Global Arab Network in 2006, he has contributed and worked for several well-known media organisations.

He was a research manager and journalist at Al Arab Newspaper, the first Arabic media organization in London, established in 1977.
He was Managing Editor of  Ahval media outlet based in London.

He holds a BSc degree in Economics and Politics from Damascus University, Postgraduate Diploma in Economic studies and Diploma in Media and Communication.

He regularly appears on some of the main international and Arabic TV channels, including the BBC, Sky News Arabia, RT, Al-Arabiya and France 24, discussing issues regarding Middle East, with strong emphasis on Syria, Turkey and Iran.
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In his free time, he enjoys travelling, photography and observing the wild life and nature.